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Core Library of South Australia and Precinct Tour

Monday, September 25, 2023
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
South Australia Drill Core Reference Library, 5 Tonsley Blvd, Tonsley


With the partnership of the Department of Energy & Mining, AusIMM looks forward to hosting a tour of the Core Library of South Australia. The South Australia Drill Core Reference Library hosts geological samples recovered from over 130 years of exploration for minerals and energy resources otherwise hidden beneath the land surface of South Australia. These irreplaceable samples represent valuable direct records of the geological materials retrieved from the depths of the crust, that will continue to be investigated and analysed by new generations of geologists in industry, research, education and government. The tour will consist of a viewing of the drill core samples from ongoing exploration programs as well as a briefing on the generation of data from state-of-the-art ‘real time’, on site sample analysis capabilities. We will then undertake a visit of open business of the day (Google, Telsa, Micro X and various others).